Andrew Whitaker

The Fluent Process – Driving Principles

Derived from our deep industry experience, the five factors which most determine an enterprise client’s quality-of-experience from a network service provider are:

  1. Solution Design
  2. Vendor Selection
  3. Contract Terms
  4. Vendor Management
  5. Quality of Account Management

To that end, we focus the majority of our efforts in these key areas on your behalf, including management of your account throughout the entire service provider lifecycle.

The Fluent Process – We’re An Extension Of Your Team

Our typical solution engagement involves working with you and your team to:

  • Assess your current environment
  • Understand your objectives & requirements
  • Research technologies & solution options
  • Design and achieve consensus for target solution
  • Evaluate vendors
  • Develop business case justification
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Select vendors
  • Plan and manage implementation
  • Manage vendors
We Work For You

Our solution approach incorporates whichever of the above project elements you need. We typically operate in our cosourcing mode for all elements included in a project, working with you and your team as your partner to offload much of the work required, while co-developing with you a full-consensus, final solution. Ultimately though, you can decide exactly how much involvement you want from us, and from your team, for each phase of a given project.

You Are In Control

While we do most of the heavy lifting, you and your team make all the final decisions, including solution design, vendor selection, and contract terms.

No Fee Consulting Model

Best of all, Fluent does not charge you for these ongoing, integrated consulting services.