Fluent Differentiators

Focused Expertise
  • We are specialists; enterprise edge services, including cloud computing, is our only business.
  • We are IT industry veterans with broad experience and strong reputations for delivering exceptional service

Higher Standards
  • We are Perfexecutionists™…  perfectionists who can execute. We strive to deliver greater responsiveness and higher service levels in everything we do
  • We raise the bar for service providers
  • We are problem solvers

  • We are truly independent.
  • No vendor or solution biases.
  • No sales quotas. No selling. No spin.

  • Long term trust relationships with our clients mean everything to us.
  • Continuity, consistency, and integrity of account management are paramount. We can be your account team for all of your edge service providers. Your Fluent account team is in place for the long term, with no sales objectives, so you will never experience rotating account teams each year or quarterly sales pushes, as you often get with the direct service provider account management models.

Exceptional Value
  • We don’t charge our clients for our consulting services, our expertise, or our time.
  • We deliver measurable gains in IT efficiency, productivity, time-to-capability, and service levels.